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Products & Services

Our Structure & Unique capabilities prove the flexibility to confidently handle projects of varying sizes and types.

We are dedicated to providing top-calibre;


The effective and responsible use of fertilizer brings significant positive contributions to the human environment.

Fertilizers help minimize in minimizing soil degradation & soil erosion while enhancing soil fertility

Landscaping & Maintenance


We specialise in professional landscaping ensuring that we have academically and experienced qualified leadership in this department.

We are aiming at being the best landscaping business with the best reputation in the market, using state of art technology, tools & machinery.

Irrigation Installation & Repairs


We provide & install complete and designed systems, as well as maintenance and replacement of parts from the best brands in the industry.


We specialize in fully automated, manual, & solar-based irrigation systems

Soil & Water Testing


We offer comprehensive soil and water and then provide research-based recommendations to support sustainable resource management decisions.

Our goal is to promote practical, innovative and affordable solutions to existing and emergent issues related to nutrient management and environmental quality.

Shade Nets


Light control: Enhances photosynthesis.

Temperature Control: Improves productivity by moderating extreme temperatures 

Reduces wind, hail, bird & insect damage

Saves water up to 60%...

Agric Business Plans


We advise clients across the entire agribusiness value chain in addressing a range of strategic, commercial and operational issues.

Having completed hundreds of engagements within the diversified agribusiness sector, we understand the unique dynamics and economics of agricultural markets, as well as the critical issues and challenges facing operators seeking to elevate their performance.

Greenhouse Tunnels


The structures protect crops from the weather; fungus and disease become less of an issue.


The barrier from outside also lowers insect pressure and allows farmers to use biological pest control.

Soil Erosion


Due to continuous use of fertilizers, tiling and acid rains, the soil can become less fertile and be too acidic which disadvantages the crop health and yield. Our initiative for soil correction through agricultural lime to neutralize acidity for better yields. Farmers get agricultural lime through 100% government subsidy or can buy for themselves. We mainly supply Calcitic lime, dolomatic lime and gypsum.

We endeavour to meet the highest standards and will go the extra mile to ensure our clients satisfaction

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