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What's Fresh?

Greenhouse Technologies is supported by a proven business model, carefully identified market segments, and a top-notch management team

Weekend Market

Greenhouse Technologies (PTY) LTD is a certified trader of agrochemicals under Regulation 5 of the
Agrochemicals Regulations. We store our chemicals in a safe storeroom away from direct sunight and
contamination and we ensure that all labels are compliant with the set regulations.

Soil correction

Mineral Fertilization, with macro and micronutrients, provide the nutrient balance and optimum soil productivity to produce healthy, vigorous crop growth.
Fertilizers allow for quick canopy cover and the development of massive root systems and more aboveground crop residue. Fertilizers play a positive role in carbon dioxide (CO2)assimilation by improving the fixation of CO2 by crops, hence contributing to carbon sequestration.

Seeds and Seedlings

We supply agricultural fertilizer to farmers throughout Botswana and Africa direct from manufacturers, local fertilizers imposters and blending plants around SouthAfrica and deliver to all areas of Botswana.


The effective and responsible use of fertilizers brings a significant positive contribution to the human environment. Fertilizers help in minimizing soil degradation and soil erosion while maintaining and enhancing soil fertility. They improve farming efficiency and water conservation.

Irrigation installations
and repairs

Greenhouse Technologies provides professional designed systems and installations of complete systems, as well as maintenance and replacement of parts from the best in the industry. We prepare a tailored proposal to the specific requirements.
We specialise in both automated and manual irrigation systems. We install quality brands such as Hunter and Nelson parts of all our irrigation installations and repairs.

We also install irrigation systems that run on Solar Energy. Only piping from approved manufactures with a guaranteed pressure rating is used.
Site preparations for the laying of the pipes include the digging of trenches approximately400mm deep. This allows for the piping to be an outreach of any possible puncturing of sharp garden instruments.

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